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Future Tech

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Vision for Innovation
Futures Educational Systems (FES) was initiated with a mission to help enhance quality and equity of education in Egypt by establishing an educational model that would be replicable, affordable, and economically viable. At FES, we are set to create a unique educational and cultural model that advocates tolerance and acceptance of the others through raising a critical mass of well-educated and well-rounded globally equipped citizens, who are ready to leave their mark and pioneer tomorrow’s workforce.

As part of the organization, Futures Tech was founded with a vision of creating an ecosystem that would produce digital citizens. We aim to equip students with pertinent IT certifications that would enable them to join the workforce while studying and to become active, contributing citizens. The school strives to act as a model of excellence, impacting other Egyptian educational institutions by means of spillover effect.




1146 Abd El-Wahab Selim al-Bishri St. Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo Egypt



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